Chris Birch + KTM 1090 Adventure R: Always A Treat To Watch!

Can you do a stoppie while going downhill on a KTM 1090 Adventure R? Can you do a wheelie and turn the bike while doing it on a grassy slope? Sure, all this is easy on endure bikes but imagine doing it on a bike that weighs just over 450 lbs. (200 kg).

The KTM 1090 Adventure R is a 125 hp, 1050 cc adventure bike sporting the mythical LC8 engine. It is a motorcycle that is as tough as they come but packed with a host of electronics and rider aids. It has traction control, ABS, ride modes, off-road ABS, brakes from Brembo and a 23-litre tank. All this sounds impressive but what it can do in the hands of a master like Chris Birch is even more impressive

In this video, published by KTM’s YoutTube channel, he can be seen riding the KTM 1090 Adventure R. The things he does with the bike beggar belief at times. His skill with the bike can only be described as phenomenal. This skill allows him to ride at speeds you and I would never dream of in places we don’t always think of going to on a motorcycle.

Chris Birch is an off-road riding enthusiast. He has seen a lot of success in the world of motorcycle racing, including being an eight-time New Zealand Enduro overall champion. He also works with KTM as their Adventure Ambassador and is associated with their adventure series of motorcycles. Apart from being a competitive rider, he also helps new riders learn and sharpen their skills on big adventures bikes like the KTM 1090, 1190 and 1290. You can visit his website to learn about his riding clinics and maybe even sign up for some riding lessons.