Mahindra Thar 2020: Daily Driver or a Lifestyle Jeep?

The Mahindra Thar 2020 is an updated version of the Thar which was launched in 2010. When launched, it came with a design reminiscent of the Mahindra MM540 and MM550. Soon after its launch, it proved itself as a very capable off-road vehicle with its shorter wheelbase and good approach and departure angles. The original offering came with a 2X4 and a 4X4 version and a choice diesel engine.

Even though it was a tough little jeep, it seemed to lack the refinement and comfort that one would need from a daily driver. Not to mention, a common sore point with a lot of people was that there was no hard-top version. If you went for an after-market hard top, it somehow didn’t match the rest of the design.

Now, in 2020, Mahindra has launched the latest version of the jeep which boasts of an updated look and interiors. In this video by the channel MotorBeam, they take a first look at the new Thar to try and understand what’s what. Right off the bat, you can agree that the looks of the vehicle are a huge improvement but what about the rest of the car? Will it be good, or bad or just a lifestyle vehicle?

Some of the updates that the new Thar of 2020 has gotten are forward facing rear seats, a petrol engine variant and a blessed hard top. However, it does lose out on space for carrying luggage since there isn’t much space left behind the rear seat. The dashboard also has been updated and looks much more refined now. It also gets an option of a manual and automatic transmission with the petrol variant. The petrol variant comes with a 2-liter engine which can produce 150 hp of power and 320 NM of torque.

All these changes and upgrades promise to set the Thar apart when it comes to off road vehicles. Its main competitor will be the Force Gorkha which is due to launch soon. It boasts an engine sourced from none other than Mercedes and zombie apocalypse survivor looks!