Top Gun Style Review Of The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX: Funny Yet Informative!

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a motorcycle which has reached speeds of 250 mph (~400 kmph) and was introduced in 2015. Then in 2018, Kawasaki felt that the H2 needed to be toned down a bit to suit the sports touring market. Thus, was born the H2 SX SE, the sports tourer.

It comes equipped with a 998 cc engine that put out almost 200 hp. It also comes packed with electronic aids such as cornering management, cruise control, electronically controlled suspension, launch control and traction control, to name just a few. It also comes with a supercharger that makes a fantastic sound, which can be heard through a hole the engineers cut out for that very purpose (I hope).

So, the big question that needs to be asked is, how many bad puns and parodies can you put in a review without removing any actual information? This channel FortNine seems to have cracked that code. What Ryan (Callsign Moose) has put together is one of the most entertaining yet informative reviews I have ever seen.

This is a bike which is considered way more efficient than the H2 R, which is just a speed monster. If you go touring on it, you’ll need a fill-up every 250 odd Km, like the KTM Duke 390. But, unlike the Duke 390, this bike costs $25,000, which is no small chunk of change. Top Gear may have set the standard for reviewing cars, but this guy and this channel are setting the standards for two wheels. Not only is this review highly informative, but it is also bloody hilarious, which is rather refreshing.