World’s Most Dangerous Ways To School – Philippines

When it comes to getting up for school, a lot of us reading this article (or watching the video) complain and are reluctant to get out of our cosy beds. But that is not the reality for all the kids around the world. Many of them wake up at the crack of dawn, finish chores around the house and then undertake long journeys, often dangerous ones, to get to school before classes start.

This video is one in a series done by the channel Free Documentary where they have explored countries like India, Nepal, Kenya, Brazil, Russia, Mongolia and more. In each of these places, they follow the journey of a few of the students who make the longest journeys to get to school. Sometimes that means walking over frozen rivers in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes it means walking across deserts with no water in sight.

In this video the documentary makes follow to journey of Ivy and Ryan who must walk all the way to their school on a neighbouring mountain. While both the journeys are long and arduous, Ivy must contend with one of the most dangerous bits, a climb up a near vertical cliff with two other children.

Most of the children shown in this series come from underprivileged backgrounds and low-income families where spending a dollar a day is an expensive proposition. Some of the common traits I noticed while binge watching the series were that almost all these children want to go to school but most of their teachers say that they underperform compared to their classmates. The prime reason for such performance being that they are already tired by the time they reach school.

Another interesting thing, though not as surprising, is that in almost every video from this series, the most common comment is about how the commenter is never going to complain about their problems again or how they showed the video to their kids and the complaints stopped.