What’s The Story Behind Toby Price’s First Dakar Rally Win?

Dakar Rally - Toby Price's first win

In the world of rally racing, the Dakar Rally is the pinnacle of challenges. 2 weeks and about 5,600 miles, (9,000 km) test all the competitors to the breaking point. You will see everything from motorcycles to trucks and cars and even quads compete in it. It is one of those events where just reaching the finish line is an achievement in itself.

Into this environment walked Toby Price, the Australian rider who was joining the KTM team. He had already won every off-road rally there was to win in Australia and was looking to try out the international circuit. There, being a part of the KTM team made perfect sense since the Dakar Rally is a sport that KTM has dominated for many years.

In this documentary published on the Red Bull Motorsports’ YouTube channel, you see how Toby got into motorsports. It gives views a unique insight into his skill with a motorcycle and his mental makeup which won him his first Dakar Rally. What makes the win even more remarkable is the fact that it was just his second time racing the Dakar and he almost didn’t make it back to the world of racing!

The interesting thing about Toby is that he is one of those rare individuals that seems to have always defied the odds. His first time out in the Dakar Rally, he was just a support rider meant to make sure the KTM teams leading riders had everything to win the race. Not only did he do his job, but he also ended up placing 3rd in the rally—something NO ONE was expecting from the newbie. Watching this documentary, any fan of motorsports will immediately be able to see the merits of this story. It is something that has been put together very well and tells a very compelling tale.

For me, it makes him just as much of a legend as Lyndon Poskitt racing the Male Moto Class in the Dakar.