Would You Race The Dakar Rally On Your Own, Without Support?

Dakar Rally

Ok, lets first set the context for this video about the Dakar Rally. It is a motor racing event that is organized every year and sees hundreds, if not thousands, sign up. You can participate in a truck, car, quad, or on a motorcycle. It was first organized in 1977 and has since grown in popularity to attract some of the biggest motor vehicle brands out there.

The set up of the Dakar Rally is simple. The entire event extends over multiple days and stages where competitors cover hundreds of kilometres a day (at times). The stages can throw anything from rocky terrain to river crossings to endless sand at you. It’s gruelling, tyring, challenging and not everyone finishes it. One such example is Charlie Borman, who participated but had to drop out due to an injury.

This video is the story of one rally enthusiast by the name of Lyndon Poskitt. It follows him as he takes on the most challenging class in this race called Male Moto. They are the guys who participate in the race without any support. All they have with them are the spares, parts and tools they bring. They are the riders and the mechanics, and each day they race from dawn to dusk, then work on the bikes, sleep, and repeat for 14,000 miles (8,700 km).

All Lyndon had with him was the KTM 450 (Rex Bike) and his experience with rallies. But, this was an incredibly tough challenge for him. What made it more incredible was that he rode to the start line from his home in the UK 251057 miles (156000 km) away.

So difficult is the challenge that people form teams that absolutely dominate the motorcycle class (KTM) said they would never try it. If you want to know more about this event, you can visit their website.